Revised on December 12, 1998

Meteorological Research Institute (MRI at Tsukuba, Japan) and Institute of Volcanology of Russian Academy of Science (IV at Petropavlovsk -Kamchatsky, Russia) are carrying out a joint research program named "Research on Volcanic Earthquakes and Volcanic Clouds". In August to September, 1997, a joint observation at Karymsky volcano was carried out by MRI and IV. The observation included not only seismic observation but also geodetic, acoustic, video and geomagnetic observations.
Karymsky volcano started eruptive activity in January, 1996. The eruptions occurred at the summit crater and at Karymsky lake that is 6km south from the summit. In present, Vulcanian-Strombolian eruptions are occurring in every 10-20 minutes at the summit crater.

Volcanoes in Kamchatka

Joint seismic observation at Karymsky

Volcanic earthquakes and tremors at Karymsky volcano

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