In 2005, volcanic eruptions occurred at six volcanoes. No persons were injured. At Miyakejima volcano, high SO2 flux still continued but they started to return to the island since February 2005.

Following 5 active volcanoes erupted in 2005. The activity shown here is as of January 2006.

Miyakejima (Izu-islands)
Small eruptions were observed in April and May. High volcanic gas flux still continued. SO2 flux is decreasing in the long run and the present flux is 1000-3000 ton/day. Miyake page

Fukutokuoka-no-ba (Submarine volcano)
Submarine eruption was observed in July.

Aso (Kumamoto)
Small eruptions were observed in April. The temperature in the crater continued high and small mud eruptions were frequently observed.

Sakurajima (Kagoshima)
Vulcanian eruptive activity is still continueing. 12 explosions occurred in 2005.

Suwanosejima(Kagoshima, Tokara islands)
Active eruption and seismic activity continued.

Other phenomena at active volcanoes in Japan

Asama (Nagano-Gunma): No eruption but active
Kirishima (Kagoshima, Miyazaki): Volcanic tremors and fumarole at Ohachi crater
Meakan, Tarumae (Hokkaido) : High temparature in the crater
Hokkaido-Komagadake (Hokkaido) : Inflation continued
Kuchinoerabu (Kagoshima) : Seismic activity
Fuji (Shizuoka, Ymanashi) : Low frequency earthquakes
Discolored water areas were detected at some submarine volcanoes.

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