In 2002, volcanic eruptions occurred at Miyakejima volcano and others. No persons were injured. At Miyakejima volcano, high SO2 flux still continued and all of the inhabitants are still evacuating out of the island.

Following 5 active volcanoes erupted in 2002. The activity shown here is as of January 2003.

Miyakejima (Izu islands)
High level volcanic gas emission is continueing. Small eruptions were sometimes observed. About 4000 persons in the island are still living out of the Miyakejima island. SO2 flux is decreasing in the long run. Miyake page

Izu-Torishima (Izu islands)
Small eruption was oberved in August.

Sakurajima (Kagoshima)
Vulcanian eruptive activity is still continueing. 59 explosions occurred in 2002.

Satsuma-iwojima(Kagoshima, Tokara islands)
Many small volcanic earthquakes were observed. Volcanic tremors and ash falls were observed. Volcanic activity became quiet since August.

Suwanosejima(Kagoshima, Tokara islands)
Active eruption and seismic activity continued.

Other phenomena at active volcanoes in Japan
Asama (Gunma-Nagano): Seismic swarm and high temparature in the crater
Aso (Kumamoto): Volcanic tremors and high temparature in the crater
Tokachidake (Hokkaido), Kirishima (Kyushu) : Volcanic tremors
Iwatesan, Azuma (Fukushima): Seismic activity decreased
Tarumae (Hokkaido) : High temparature in the crater
Hachijo (Izu islands) : Seismic swarm and long period seismic events in August

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