In 2000, volcanic eruptions occurred at Usu, Miyakejima volcano and others. A lot of buildings were destroyed by these eruptions, however, no persons were injured.

Following 6 active volcanoes erupted in 2000. The activity shown here is as of January 2001.

USU (Hokkaido)
Seismic activity began on 27 March and remarkable ground deformation was observed since 30 March. Magmatophreatic eruption occurred at Nishiyama in the northwestern flank on 31 March. On the next day, new eruption started at the flank of Kompirayama the northwestern flank. Phreatic eruptions continued at many craters at the two regions. Phreatic eruption at Kompirayama crater is still continuing and volcanic ash emission and air-shocks are observed. Just before the eruption, more than 15,000 persons were evacuated and in present, more than 300 persons are still evacuated now. Usu page

Komagadake (Hokkaido)
Small phreatic eruptions occurred on 4 and 28 September, 28 October and 8 November. Volcanic tremors were observed also on 12 September and 24 October. Small ash fall was observed near the crater on 24 October.

Miyakejima (Izu islands)
Seismic activity started since 18:30 on 26 June. The hypocenters migrated westward and submarine eruption took place on 27 June. Vigorous seismic swarm continued near Kozu and Nijima islands. Seismic activity just beneath the summit started on 4 July. Summit eruption started on 8 July, after then a large collapse of the crater continued. Large eruptions occurred on 10, 18 and 29 August. The height of the volcanic smoke associated with the eruptions were 8000m, 14000m and 8000m, respectively. A low temperature pyroclastic flow reached the sea associated with the eruption on 29 August. After the eruption, about 4000 persons in the island evacuated and are still living out of the Miyakejima island. In present, SO2 flux still continued in high level and weak volcanic glow is observed near the summit crater. Miyake page

Sakurajima (Kagoshima)
Vulcanian eruptive activity is still continueing. 169 explosions occurred in 2000. The explosion on 7 October ejected volcanic ash to more than 5000m height and broke window glasses of cars and others.

Satsuma-iwojima(Kagoshima, Tokara islands)
Many small volcanic earthquakes were observed. Volcanic tremors and ash falls were observed.

Suwanosejima(Kagoshima, Tokara islands)
Ash falls were observed in January, February and December. In December, active eruption started at new craters.

Other phenomena at active volcanoes in Japan
Tokachidake, Tarumaisan (Hokkaido) : Volcanic tremor and seismic activity
Iwatesan, Adatara (Fukushima), Yakeyama (Niigata) : Fumarole active
Bandai (Fukushima) : Seismic activity
Asama (Gunma-Nagano) : Seismic swarm
Aso (Kumamoto) : Glow in the crater
Fuji (Yamanashi-Shizuoka) : Deep low frequency earthquakes

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